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Not By: Al Cronkrite

Have you noticed, gentle reader, that the leaders and heroes in the movies and on television have become either Black or Female? Have you wondered why WASPS (White Anglo-Saxon Protestants) are ignored, relegated to taking orders, or portrayed as wimps or fools? If you are white and your ancestors worked and paid taxes to support this nation, does it bother you that by 2050, or before, your children will be a minority in a nation sustained by their parents? Read about it here. What is the evil being confronted in this paragraph? Is it a violation of God's Law to make a movie with a non-WASP hero?

Is it the case that no WASP is ever an order-taker, wimp or fool?

Is it a sin (a violation of God's Law) for a nation to have mostly non-whites?

Would it be a sin for all whites to marry non-whites and completely eliminate the white race? In which verse is this commandment of God found?

Maybe the National Association for the Advancement of White People (NAAWP) could garner the same financial and managerial support its sister organization the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) received. The Spingarn brothers backed with Jewish money and power managed the NAACP for over fifty years. Read about it here. When White people become a minority can we expect similar support? Is it a sin for Jews to try to advance Colored People?

Is it a sin for Jews NOT to try to advance White People?

Which verses in God's Law make these prohibitions?

Probably not since Jonathan Kaufman in his book “Broken Alliance” writes, "Both [blacks and Jewsl shared a common desire to break down the barriers of prejudice. Both shared a common enemy: the prejudiced white Gentile." (p. 268) Is it a sin to "break down the barriers of prejudice?"

Are you claiming that no Gentiles have ever been prejudiced against Jews or blacks?

WASPS (“the prejudiced white Gentile”) ARE A COMMON ENEMY (of Zionist Jews and Blacks). You see WASPS were first perceived as an enemy by Jews then, with heavy Zionist influence, they became and remain an enemy to Blacks. Zionist involvement in Black affairs did not contribute to the mending of relationships; instead it created in Blacks the same hatred for WASPS harbored by Zionist Jews. How did "heavy Zionist influence" cause blacks to feel that their slavemasters were prejudiced against blacks?

I would agree that Jews and blacks should not hate those who hate them.

Black organizations supported and often managed by Jewish Americans have not contributed to harmony between the races but instead have fostered strife! This may indeed be a problem. The Bible says we are to avoid strife.

What exactly is your solution? How would a mirror-image organization (NAAWP) diminish strife between the races?

Before I go on, please take time to read this excellent article by Henry Makow concerning anti-Semitism.  His conclusion that integrated Jews are not the culprits is correct . So why raise the "Jew" issue? Why raise the race issue if race is not the issue. Why confront race instead of SIN? As Makow ended his article, "It's neither Jews nor Gentiles but Satanists who control the world."
In his review of Jonathan Kaufman’s book Paul Grubach points to the lack of a valid reason for Jewish support of Blacks. It was not the Holocaust since support started long before WW II. If Israeli treatment of the Palestinians is any indicator, it is certainly not any inherent sympathetic altruism for the underdog. What then was the reason for the willingness of wealthy American Jews to support black causes with money and expertise? Prejudice (anti-semitism) also started before WW II.


I never see the answer to this question in the rest of the essay. Why DO wealthy Jews support black causes? Is that a violation of the Law of God?

In describing the elite cabal that controls the world’s monetary supply Henry Makow informs us that intermarriage between Jews and Gentiles has often served to consolidate control and has diluted exclusive Jewish control. This, too, is true. I don't understand this paragraph.
There are dangerous similarities between present day United States and Germany in the 1930s. First, reparations from WW I created massive German debt; a debt almost as crushing as that currently accumulated by the Unites States. Second, there was widespread resentment toward Jewish interests in Germany because they controlled the newspapers, theaters, and large amounts of the industrial base. Though right now there is very little anti-Jewish sentiment in United States the same situation exists here as in 1930s Germany and the potential is real. There, Germans resented Jews because an elite Jewish cabal had betrayed Germany during WW I and cost them a victory. Benjamin Freedman writes about this betrayal here.  Similarly, there is heavy Jewish support for the war in Iraq and failure in this arena could result in major anti-Jewish sentiment. Is it not a sin to resent Mr. Goldfarb the Jew on the sole grounds that another Jew, Mr. Goldstein, controls a newspaper, theatre, or industry?

Are you not attempting to inspire anti-Jewish resentment here in the United States? Is this not sinful?

What is your solution to the problem of potential anti-Jewish resentment? Nationalize their wealth?

Germany had a more homogenous population in the 1930s than United States has today and there was greater unity, however, in the United States WASPS are still a majority and if leadership ever wakes them up there could be turmoil. Are you encouraging "turmoil?"
One source contains a statement, “that America's Jews are only 2% of the nation, yet, on the NEWS this particular evening, they represented 65%+ of the guests, hosts, and talking heads. Yet this is not unusual. Most of the Jews, African Americans, and CFR Members featured here are nightly visitors, being on the regular NEWS circuit, always invited to give their opinions to the mostly Non-Jewish nation. Of the other persons we haven't mentioned, most were Hispanic or Arab. VERY FEW were White European Americans, the usual stock population of this country.” Is it a sin to have a Jew on TV?

What is the specific "evil" that you are confronting here? Be specific as to where in God's Word this "evil" is prohibited.

If you are a Christian of European background and have lived in the United States for several generations, note the guests on popular programs like the Larry King show or tune in C-Span and watch some of the interviews and book reviews, or (if you can stand it) peruse a bit of Fox News or the interview portions of CNN, you will find that the majority of those granted time before the camera fall into one of the four categories: 1) They are Jewish. 2) They are Black. 3) They are members of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). or 4) They are women in masculine occupations. There are a few popular, ecumenical type Christians, but WASPS with solid Christian credentials are few to none. How does this situation violate God's Law? Is it only because the programmers are Jewish? Are you denouncing them because they're Jewish, or because they've violated a specific command of God's Law? What evil are you confronting?
There is more to the problem. The media, television, and movies not only fail to report all of the news but for the past several decades they have become progressively immoral and have substantially contributed to the debasement of the White majority. Foul language, in-your-face homosexuality, disdain for the marriage bond, adultery, fornication, ridicule of Christianity and Christians, all this served up daily with a biased and inaccurate depiction of the apartheid nature of the Zionist nation of Israel. OK, but the sins here are specific, and talking about the fact that one or more of the participants in this media schedule are "Jewish" takes us away from these specific sins and draws us into racial conflict. How is this confronting actual Biblically-defined "evil?"
There is even more! The press and media are enforcers of the lies and half truths Zionist Jews have injected into our society. Since support for Blacks is part of that agenda, men like James Watson of DNA fame are forced to genuflect before the media gods for making the true statement that intelligence test scores for Blacks are lower than for Whites. Watson expressed concern about the future of Blacks saying, "all our social policies are based on the fact that their intelligence is the same as ours — whereas all the testing says not really." "Our social policies" (to use Watson's words) may be wrong, but not because they were designed by Jews (if they were).
Freedom of speech is being overruled by a press and media that squelches it by excoriating anyone who attempts to openly discuss reality. Blacks and Jews can no longer conduct a candid dialogue with White Americans because powerful Jewish organizations prevent it. It is against the law in Canada to question the Holocaust. Soon with the full support of our press and media it will be illegal to condemn the filthy practices of homosexuals or to declare God’s Word against it. Enforcing fiction as truth makes honest discussion impossible. Are laws punishing free speech wrong because they violate God's Law, or are they wrong because the laws were drafted by Jews?
Former Congressman Paul Findley, now in his mid 80s, ends a recent essay with this statement “Citizen participation in public policy development is a hallmark of our proud democracy. But the pro-Israel groups subvert democracy when they engage in smear campaigns that intimidate and silence critics. America badly needs a civilized discussion of the damaging role of Israel in U.S. policy formulation.” Read the entire essay here. What specific violation of God's Law exists in what you call a "smear campaign?"

I want to intimidate homosexuals from normalizing homosexuality, and I want to silence critics of Christianity with devastatingly true rebuttals of their claims. Is this a "smear campaign?" Is it a violation of God's Law? You may not agree with supporters of Israel, but how do they violate God's Law? Is the only thing wrong with a pro-Israel campaign the fact that it is managed by Jews? Would it be OK for a pro-Israel campaign to be undertaken by Gentiles? So why mention the race issue?

Six massive corporations control over 90 percent of the world’s news and entertainment: AOL Time Warner, Walt Disney, Bertelsmann AG, Viacom, News Corporation, and Vivendi Universal. They are all controlled by Zionists either all Jewish or mostly Jewish. "either all or mostly" -- name one of those corporations where "all" the shareholders are Jewish. And more than 50% of the shareholders in the other corporations are Jewish? Can you prove that you have not stated a mistruth here?
If Der Fuhrer and his propaganda minister, Joseph Goebbels, could witness this slick manipulation of world opinion, they might repent of their anti-Semitism and wish they had hired them instead of murdering them.  
When Gentiles complain about Jewish domination of the press and media they must understand that they are complaining about a situation which has resulted from a dominant, industrious, tenacious, and highly intelligent group of people working and earned (with help from their fellows) the positions they hold. It is not unusual for a graduating class at Harvard to be 30 percent Jewish. Hard work and dedication go before this achievement. Very true.
Nevertheless, Professor Kevin MacDonald writes “The dispossession of Europeans is the ultimate defeat -- an evolutionary event of catastrophic proportions for people of European descent. Whatever the contributions of Jewish "entrepreneurs, jurists, philanthropists, entertainers, publishers, and legions upon legions of scholars," they could never make up for this cataclysmic loss and for the political instability and chronic ethnic tensions that have been unleashed by the Jewish intellectual and political movements…” Read the entire article here. "dispossession of Europeans" -- aren't all the Jews you're worried about of "European descent?"

I'm amazed that you put so much stock in a writer who believes in the theory of evolution and says everything we do is and should be guided by evolution.

Jews make up about 2 percent of our population but some of them exert tremendous power in ways that are manipulative and harmful to the residents of the United States. That villainery should be confronted and stopped. Advocating sin is villainy. Having Jewish parents is not. "Exerting power" is not
It would be helpful if there were a mechanism for redistributing untoward amounts of wealth and power. In ancient Israel, the year of Jubilee provided a fifty year interval which ended with the return of assets to the original owners. Concentration of huge amounts of wealth and power in fewer and fewer hands does not bode well for the culture. The United States was founded by WASPS. It was WASPS that made the decision to allow Jews to immigrate into our nation and WASPS that allowed the new immigrants to prosper. Like the soldiers inside the Trojan Horse some Jewish immigrants have launched serious attacks on United States, its citizens, and its culture. Gracious hosts have become victims of their guests. Having a "mechanism" -- that is, giving the State power -- would be helpful??

I believe God's Law commands us to allow Jews to immigrate into our Christian nation so that we can evangelize them. see:

An attack by "some Jews" on Christian culture is wrong because it's a sin to attack Christian culture, not because it's a sin to have Jewish parents.

Judaism was the religion of the Pharisees and most Christians are aware of the statements our Savior made concerning that group. Blind support for Israel and for things Jewish by Dispensational Christians is not only an abomination to their Savior but inimical to their own existence. Who today is a "Pharisee?" Who of the "powerful Jews" self-consciously follows the Pharisees?
WASPS will receive no support from Jewish sources. Wealthy Zionist Jews hate Christians. Henry Makow has described it quite well:  
“I object to the term "the Jews" when obviously we are talking about very rich and powerful Jews who have intermarried with rich and powerful Gentiles. Sid the tailor does not control the world. I do not control the world.”

“We are talking about rich Jews who most other Jews wouldn’t even recognize: they are Freemasons. They worship Lucifer and think God is evil.”

“I represent that silent majority of average Jews, who have assimilated, and support the national interest. Rich Jews will want ordinary Jews to take the fall when opposition to their predatory agenda grows and anti-Semitism increases.”

“Anti-Semitism never made any headway in Europe in the Nineteenth and early Twentieth Century until rich Jews decided to sponsor it. There is no way Hitler would have come to power without the backing of world finance. Hitler was Time Magazine "Man of the Year" in 1938. Stalin, another Freemason created by the Money Power, took the honor in 1939. Hey let's have a war!”

“The central bankers owned I.G. Farben, the backbone of the Nazi war machine. Max Warburg was a Director until 1938. In March 1941 the Warburg family and employees were spirited out of Nazi occupied Holland by the SS. Hitler so hated the Jewish bankers that he had them
escorted to safety in a private train“.
Wake up America, this nation had a Christian European culture that is quickly slipping away. Many of our leaders are not aware of what is happening. Christian men like Bob Jones, who has given his support to Romney, or James Dobson, who is undecided, should spend some time learning what is going on in our nation and understand that the only current candidate that might turn our ship of state is Ron Paul. He is not perfect but he is the most righteous of all the candidates. Support for war mongering candidates that our controlled press and media are touting will only contribute to our downward slide.

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